Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.
  ~ about hope and faith

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Getting Life Back on Track
By Marvin Kehler
Don’t Pity Us
By Clare Bruce
The maligning of early Christianity
By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
Your Life Comes Down to 1 Word
By Marcel Schwantes
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By Brian Zahnd
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By J.R. Miller
God’s Mayor in Guatemala
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With Jeff Blackburn & Dr. John Walton
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Things kids like and love
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By Brian Zahnd
In Jordan, an empowering solution for UN-run refugee camps
By Fred­er­ick M. Leh­manTaylor Luck
By Daniele Bendandi
America’s Descent into Triviality
By John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera
A Crutch or a Cross
By Simon Wenham
Creation is Groaning
By Lisa Sharon Harper
Slay the Dragon!
By Peter A.
A Final Lecture
By Lorna Dyck
Being rich wrecks your soul.
By Charles Mathewes and Evan Sandsmark
The Definition of Freedom
By Dr. Kelly Flanagan
Atheism Was An “Error”
By James Bishop
How many points?
By Paul Young
Six Evidences of a Young Earth
by "Answers in Genesis"
Can Christians agree to disagree?
By rebbekkamessenger
By A.W. Trenholm
The Rapture
By Mark Mcmillion
The simple proof of God
By Heather Hiccups
A little known 9-11 Story
With Lorna Subritzky
The Truth About a Post-Truth World
By Dr. Kelly Flanagan
Signs of Times Update 2016
By Joseph Candel
Hold On
By Activated
The War you don't see
By John Pilger
Jonah & the fish
By Rob Bell
My Problem With the Bible
By Brian Zahnd
Finding America’s Mother Teresa
By Nicholas Kristof
Citizenship in heaven
By Mark McMillion
The Gospel Isn't a Rule Book
By Thomas Christianson
A World of Idols
By Timothy Keller
Love Will Reign
By Jerry Paladino
The Mystic Revolution
By Daniele Bendandi
Thinking of home schooling? Me, too.
By Allison Barrett Carter
Here’s what we want
By Bernie Sanders
The General's Son
By Miko Peled
Hairbrush Experience
By Beth Moore
Making Jesus Accessible
By Carl Medearis
7 Ways to Know the Will of God
By Mark McMillion
New Digital Cash System
From Endtime Info
Pope Francis
By Kris Valotton
A Legacy
By Anna Perlini
Muslim Refugees Finding Jesus
By Nadette De Visser
By Dr. Robert Lanza
The Middle-Age Surge
By David Brooks
Love Mercy
By Greg Boyd
Lessons for Today’s Church
By J. Warner Wallace
Are You Awed By God?
By Lynne Shaffer
The cab driver story
By Anonymous
Gaddafi’s Last Speech
By Muammar Gaddafi, April 17, 2011
Devotion, Not Quiet Time
By Greg Koukl
The day I stopped saying ''hurry up''
By Rachel Macy Stafford
The Digital Resistance
By Joel Achenbach
The Value of Generosity
By Ramit Sethi
Giving Up Is the Enemy of Creativity
By Brian J. Lucas, Loran Nordgren
Addicted to Distraction
By Tony Schwartz
Christmas 2015
by WPnet
Loving God
By Mark McMillion
Did the Bible get it wrong?
By Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe
Gene editing debate
By Lauran Neergaard
Merkel’s Call
By Mark McMillion
Abolishing Cash
By Paul Joseph Watson
My Heart In Your Hands
By Jerry Paladino
Our Father Does Work in Wondrous Ways
By Reverend John Powell
On Care for our Common Home
from Pope Francis
Love on the #45 bus
from San Francisco Chronicle
The World is a Wonderful Place
by Stephen in True Stories
The Small, Happy Life
by David Brooks, NY Times
Shaking Up the Status Quo in Nepal
By Glencorse & Shakya, NY Times
Put God first
by Denzel Washington
The Moral Bucket List
~ David Brooks - New York Times
Whack the Gopher
by Maria Doehler - just1thing.com
1,500 Medical Studies Declare
Healing Power of Prayer Undeniable
You Will Know the Truth
A compilation
Knights and Mirrors
by Maria Doehler
Nightlight (Choices)
by Christa Records
Growing in Love
By Maria Fontaine
God Knows
A compilation
Land of Not Too Much
by David Brandt Berg
The Father and the Lost Sons
by Peter Amsterdam
The Lure of Orthodoxy – 4
by Daniele Bendandi
Run To Freedom
The Story Of Josiah Henson
Can I Trust the Bible?
The Future Fortold
How to Be Free in Faith
Instead of a Slave to Religion-Made Certainty
How You Can Get Started
on Anything in 13 Minutes
The Lure of Orthodoxy - Part 2
by Daniele Bendandi
The Whites of Their Eyes
by Mark McMillion
The Lure of Orthodoxy
by Daniele Bendandi
Rise of the machines
World News for World Changers
life after death?
Have scientists proved it? - Daily mail
Facing the Canon
with Paul Young ('The Shack' Author)
As My Father Sent Me
Words from Jesus
The Internet's Own Boy
The Story of Aaron Swartz
The Secret of the Vine
A compilation
In the Meantime
by Andy Stanley
How Do I Share What I Believe?
By J. Warner Wallace
The Rich Fool
By Peter Amsterdam
Fast Forward to the Future
By Scott MacGregor
Lover of Our Souls
A compilation
Responsible Earthlings
by Richard Johnston
Our Babylonian Captivity
By Mark McMillion
Watch Your Windshield
By Maria Doehler
Walking in the New
Words from Jesus
The End is Near?
By Mark McMillion
By Peter Amsterdam
Alien gospel: Fact or fiction?
By Endtime Upgrade
The God of All Comfort
A compilation
Blessings from Battles
By Karen Zerby
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
By Lysa TerKeurst
The Gift of Perspective
By Maria Doehler
That Broken Place
by Maria Doehler
The Spiritual Disciplines
Forgive One Another
A compilation
Stewardship/The Wise Use of Time
The Spiritual Disciplines
Stewardship/Giving and Tithing
The Spiritual Disciplines
The Spiritual Disciplines
Broken Dreams?
by Janet Kluck
Bible Intake
The Spiritual Disciplines
British Football Player’s Faith
Surpasses Impossible Odds
Investing in the Future
by Woodrow Kroll
Living “as unto Him”
TFI’s Core Values
Diversity and Innovation
TFI’s Core Values
Spiritual Solutions
TFI’s Core Values
A Sense of Community
TFI’s Core Values
Jonah and Me
by Scott MacGregor
The Power of One
TFI’s Core Values
Love for Humankind
TFI’s Core Values
No place for Jesus in religious education
but there’s always Gandhi
What E’er Thou Art
Act Well Thy Part
Passion for God
TFI’s Core Values
A heartfelt prayer
from a Syrian pastor
When the Bible Seems Boring
An Activated article
Journey to Gragau
By Allan Trenholm (Sequel to Journey to Tricon)
God of Wonders
Via Fight for your Faith Blog
So Send I You
A compilation
The Cashless Society is Here
By Joseph Candle